"Assessment" is a key tool in the success of our high-level recruitment  


Assessment is a key phase for successful recruitment. Indeed, it makes it possible to go from 30% reliability in the prediction of success to more than 75%. The “Assessments” that our experts' design allows us to minimize the risks associated with recruitment or mobility. We use them as part of our recruitment of high-level profiles in order to offer our clients an effective decision support tool to select the best candidate.

 assessmentThe methodology and tools our experts use internationally recognized. They allow us to identify the strengths and development needs of each candidate and offer a clear recommendation with regards to the specifics of the position. In this way, we are able to objectively advise the best candidate based on the mission, issues, context, and objectives to be achieved by our clients. 

This diagnosis also allows us to identify the key skills to develop and in order to allow the candidate to have all the cards in hand to succeed in their new position. We also offer our clients the opportunity to accompany the successful candidate by offering a personalized skills development program when necessary (Executive Coaching, training, languages, etc.) in order to guarantee the success of our recruitment.

So we’re more than doubling your opportunities for success high-stakes jobs. A good balance between assessment, psychometry, in-depth interview, business simulations guarantees the best possible recommendation for your recruitment decision.







Our consulting missions in Talent Management, Talent Development and Performance Management


Consulting missions in "Talent Management", "Talent Development" & "Performance Management" : 

We offer consultancy assignments to help our clients on their various issues related to the management, development and performance of their employees or new recruits. Our Consultants/ Coaches have indeed a solid experience in and outside the Sport and Entertainment industry on the issues of:

      • √ "Talent Management"
      • √ "Talent Development" 
      • √ "Performance Management" 

Talent Management is the most effective HR process to advance your people. It aims at openness to change, enables motivational management, a new positive collaboration, a much greater attractiveness, and concrete development of the customer relationship, which are the basis of performance and individual and collective fulfilment.


Feeling engaged in the right position, embedded in the right company culture is the basis of outstanding performance. Thanks to our profiling method that integrates the behavioural component and the job description, we invite employees to become aware of their improvement points in order to aim for greater efficiency and successful performance at work. 

Our assessment protocols detect each individual’s natural abilities. By enabling your employees to use their «Talents» on a daily basis, you strengthen their performance, their attachment to the company while limiting psycho-social risks. 


As part of our consultancy missions, our experts carry out an “Assessment” to make an initial diagnosis and identify the problems they may encounter within your company or the skills to develop within your talent pool to achieve your goals.

They then propose an action plan adapted and personalized in a schedule of interventions that can be spread over several weeks or even a few months. This development program allows you to have a global vision and to follow up regularly to see the evolution. The bespoke program can be articulated in multiple ways through workshops, seminars, individual and/ or collective interviews, coaching sessions, role plays, online training etc.... within your company or remotely...


Talent Management Issues our experts are resolving: : 

For many years, our experts have been working on issues related to the management, development and performance of corporate talent. They then deal regularly with subjects such as: 

In Talent Management

√ Assessment of your talent pooltalent development 1
√ Identifying and detecting your company’s high potential
√ Evaluating the individual and collective performance of your employees
√ Identification of the development axes/configurations necessary for a better performance of your talents in their functions and their evolution in the company
√The talent mobility strategy and the definition of career plans
√ The motivations and well-being of your employees
√ The development of a quality, attractive and innovative employer brand image
√ Defining an effective talent retention strategy etc.


In Talent Development: 

 Assessment of a new recruit for a position (soft & hard skills) and implementation of a training plan to allow him/her to rise in competences and have all the cards to succeed in his/her new mission.
√ Assessment of one of your employees as part of an internal mobility project, definition of a training plan to allow him/her to evolve in the company and take a more senior position or change department.

√ Assessment of a team or department, Implementation of a training plan to enable the entire team to achieve the objectives of the department ( Ex: training of the sales teams, training on new tools etc.)
√ Assessment of an Executive or of the entire Leadership team: Analysis and implementation of a training plan in relation to the objectives of the company (e.g., change in the company culture, how to manage the teams in a transition period, training on how to take strategic and sensitive decisions, etc.)


The modules / operating procedures our experts apply:

Our personalised support/training programs are structured around:

talent development 2

√  Individual interviews within your company or online, spread over several weeks or even a few months depending on the problem encountered.
√ Group interviews or you want to train some of your talents in a specific field
√ Training seminars on specific topics (team cohesion, team building, high-performance, team culture)
√ Workshops of practical work, situations, role-playing etc
√ Online training module on specific topics


Once your problem is identified, our expert will be responsible for structuring, articulating and developing a personalized program to meet your needs and enable you to achieve your goals.  





Professional Training in the Sport sector

To complement its offer of solutions in talent development, Sport Business Talent has partnered with Fast Sport, which is the leading player in professional training in the field of Sport in France.

new skills

The training offer evolves with the market and its profiles, but also with new pedagogical techniques and new digital training tools. The programs are designed and updated according to trends, the interactive pedagogy is focused on professional practice.

These training courses can take place both in the training centre, in your company or remotely and online, which allows all players in the sport to train wherever and whenever they wish, without travel constraints, from a computer, a tablet or a phone.

Fast Sport also offers the full range of certifications approved by the CPF (Personal Training Account): Toeic, Bulats-Linguaskill and the new certifications 100% online Pipplet and English 360.

With more than 600 sports professionals trained each year, Fast Sport is the reference to develop their expertise in marketing and sports law, acquire new skills and perfect themselves in languages to understand, act and prepare for tomorrow.



The "standard" Modules of Fast Sport:

 The classic modules of "Sport Business"   

Build your sports sponsorship file

Sport & Social Media, the keys to success

Design and animate its digital activations in sport

The Social Media Workshops

Sports: Animate your social networks

The Community Manager in Sport

Law and social networks: what legal issues?

The sports sponsorship contract

Mastering and exploiting the image of athletes


Social law and employment contract in sport

What legal framework for your sporting events?

Training in Languages  (Toeic, Bulats-Linguaskill)

The English of Sport 

English: Foreign language

Training à la carte/ on request

  From an audit of your need, we create your tailor-made training with the reference expert on the subject


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