Executive Search


For almost a decade, we have been working in partnership with our clients in the sports and entertainment industries, recruiting talent to fill their middle, senior, executive and board management positions. We take care of the entire recruitment process, from the first interview to the candidate's appointment, and we also follow up on their progress. This approach helps us accurately identify our client's recruitment needs and specific expectations so that we can target the technical skills and personality you are looking for and locate the candidate best able to fill the position and fit in with the culture. In engaging with clients, we gain an in-depth understanding of company culture, environment and the particular challenges and responsibilities that the role involves.  


Thanks to the methodology we pursue, our clients can be safe in the knowledge that they will target and approach the best talent on the market in complete confidentiality, extending our search globally if necessary and pinpointing candidates that meet their needs. In doing to so, we save clients time and allow them to be more efficient in managing their recruitment processes. We also maximize their chances of recruiting the ideal person for the position, someone who can fulfil the brief successfully. 

As well as delivering a successful recruitment process, we also give the chosen candidate the chance to consider a long-term career plan with their new employer. 

Given than each recruitment process is unique, we always take a bespoke approach to ensure our client's satisfaction and meet their every expectation. We know that working with an executive search firm represents a significant financial investment, which is why we want our clients to feel the medium-to-long term benefits of working with us.  



Put your recruitment in our hands and you can bank on : 


  • Our extensive experience and recognized expertise in recruiting international sports industry talent       
  • ( middle, senior, executive and board levels)
  • *
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the organisations operating of the sports and entertainment sectors, our business intelligence, and our command of global market trends 
  • *
  • Our detailed understanding of your positions, their specific characteristics, and the strategic issues your business faces
  • *
  • Our comprehensive network and sizeable database of industry professionals  
  • *
  • Our suite of recruitment tools which includes languages tests, technical tests, and assessment methodology
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