We work on a regular basis with investment funds, asset managers and private investors actively involved in projects in the sports & entertainment industries. We support them in various ways including CEO succession projects and the recruitment of board members for executive committees. 

In the latter case of these two scenarios, we assess and analyse existing board members and our clients' corporate objectives and provide expert support in chair, non-executive director, financial, legal and HR functions.

We then build a solid rapport with them and leverage our unique global reach in the sports industry to identify, assess, and advise potential directors and CEOs. This allows us to create an internal pipeline of senior leaders for both CEO succession projects and the recruitment of board members. 

We also make sure these senior talents fit the corporate culture and possess the skills required to meet objectives, all with a view to creating an independent, diverse and effective board. 


There is now a growing demand from senior executives for their boards to provide judgment and expertise on how to “do things better,” taking advantage of global and technological opportunities while avoiding pitfalls and ensuring growth and sustainability.


We stand ready to work with you as partners in sourcing senior candidates for you to assemble the best possible board or successfully manage CEO succession.   





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