Senior Cloud Architect

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Senior Cloud Architect

Freelance | Remote & Beijing, China (1 month) | Transmissions |


Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) was created by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2001 in order to serve as the Host Broadcasting organization for all Olympic Games, Olympic Winter Games and Youth Olympic Games. The Host Broadcaster is responsible for delivering the pictures and sounds of the Olympic Games to billions of viewers around the world. For more information visit



  • To design or supervise the design of complex cloud-based IT architectures that will be implemented to host the broadcast and/or media-related applications and systems of applications
  • Produce high quality, comprehensive Cloud Solution Blueprints demonstrating a balance of different functional & non-functional drivers and requirements, effective understanding of solution risk, and alignment to broader IT standards and good practices in cloud-based infrastructure design,
  • Provide architectural guidance to third-party vendors /development teams to assure the delivered solution realizes the desired cloud architecture.
  • Develop virtualized IT architectures that are applicable for private, public and hybrid cloud environments for the growing requirements of OBS requirements for such environments.


1. Owning, Defining, Designing, Implementing and Operating Cloud-based Architectures


  • Working with external parties, suppliers, and internal members of the Engineering team and other business units to research, define, implement and document cloud systems architectures for major new initiatives, primarily though not exclusively in the Commercial domain.
  • Configuring and placing in operation a defined cloud architecture through the use of the provisioning and configuration tools used by the most popular public cloud platforms (i.e. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
  • Provisioning and configuring private cloud environments, to implement a specific architecture of virtualized components, with the use of state-of-the-art provisioning tools and configuration management systems, potentially starting all the way from bare metal infrastructure to the deployment of end-user applications, either in virtualized servers or containers. Provisioning toolsets and Configuration Management Systems that are expected to be used: Components of the OpenStack suite, Terraform, Ansible, Packet, etc.).
  • Identifying key areas of technical risk or complexity, proposing appropriate Proofs of Concepts (POCs), working with stakeholders to curate a story backlog, and leading a team to gain hard evidence to influence the end architecture design.
  • Providing high-level estimates for projects to facilitate prioritization of demand and portfolio & asset management.
  • Working with the case-owner solution architects and business stakeholders to coordinate the collection of non-functional requirements for each component/platform in the end-to-end cloud-based architecture.


2. Assuring Component Design Alignment & Solution Delivery

  • Reviewing and assessing aspects of detailed design that deviate from the proposed solution architecture, published technical strategies, policies, standards etc.

3. Help To Shape And Mature Solution Architecture At OBS

  • Work as part of the core OBS Engineering Team of Solution Architects, devOps, and video/Audio Engineers to evolve and continuously improve ways of working, templates, engagement with other teams and manage all cloud assets.
  • Define, propose and support the adoption of best practices in cloud systems design and cloud management for operations.


4. Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist with architectural decisions for customer facing product development.
  • Support the implementation and maintenance and further development of efficient CI/CD chains, considering the best use of virtualized environments, especially in the context of (re)deploying either virtualized full environments (e.g. full server replacement with support by Packet, or container-based deployments based on Docker and/or Kubernetes etc.)
  • Engineering of systems administration-related solutions for various internal and external project and operational needs.
  • Maintain best practices on managing systems and services across all environments.
  • Fault finding, analysis and of logging information for reporting of performance exceptions.
  • Proactively monitoring system performance and capacity plannin
  • Manage, coordinate, and implement software upgrades, patches, hot fixes on servers, workstations, and network hardware.
  • Create and modify scripts or applications to perform monitoring tasks.





  • Experience of designing/implementing cloud based architectures and cloud-solutions, including (desirable):Large, multi-technology, multi-vendor solutions, media-related solutions.
  • Previous working experience as a Virtualization/Cloud Engineer for at least 5 years
  • Integration with third party service provider / supplier APIs.
  • Experience of SOA, API Design and distributed architectures.
  • Practical experience of agile project delivery aligned to high quality solution architecture.
  • Active participation in a maturing cloud architecture and/or management community or communities
  • The ability to communicate well on both a business and technical level, to all levels of the Organisation and the key Organizational Stakeholders.


Technical Skills

  • Deep working knowledge of KVM/VMWare/VirtualBox and SAN management and concepts
  • Deep understanding in virtualization technologies and their use in building, bottom up, private cloud environments with the use of provisioning toolsets and configuration management systems.
  • Particularly and highly recommended: deep and extensive knowledge in virtualized/cloud-based provisioning toolsets and configuration management systems, like: Openstack suite, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Packet, Vagrant, etc.
  • Strong Sysadmin background in either or both Linux and Windows environments. Scripting and SW development capabilities within the context of sophisticated system administration.
  • Strong Network Engineering background, as applicable in the context of cloud architectures; knowledge in virtual switching including Open vSwitch; knowledge in SDN including OpenFlow.
  • Good working knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Running stateful and stateless workloads in Kubernetes and VM
  • Solid knowledge of protocols such as DNS, HTTP, LDAP, SMTP and SNM
  • Troubleshooting VM Migration/Replication/Backup issues in Recovery Services
  • Designing, building and maintaining multi-stage CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins, Git, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, for the deployment of middleware and/or platforms through Infrastructure as Code.


Workplace & Environment

  • Fast-paced work environment;
  • Subject to national/international background checks;
  • This is a remote freelance opportunity that starts ASAP and extends until February 21st 2022.
  • This position requires availability to relocate to Beijing, China, from January 3rd 2022 to February 21st 2022



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