A 360-degree solution in "Talent Management", unique in the world of sport and entertainment

Our team and our expertise have grown thanks to the contribution of recognized market experts in Talent Management outside and in the sports industry. Today, we are able to offer our EMEA customers a comprehensive portfolio of complementary Talent Management solutions in the world of sport and entertainment.

Our innovative 360 degrees "Talent Management" approach allows us to support our clients throughout the entire value chain of Talent Management:



√ Starting upstream with our core expertise of Executive Search (Talent Acquisition)

√  Then, we consult individuals, teams and organisations to realise their full potential (talent assessment, development and training plan, mobility strategy and career management, employee well-being and motivation, performance management, talent retention strategy, employer brand, etc.)

We then finish "downstream", where we help our clients, to support their employees when launching themselves towards new professional challenges (via career coaching, outplacement).





The advantages of this 360-degree approach are many because it allows you, for example, to:

√ Make your hirings more successful

√ Enable your employees to use their “talents” on a daily basis

√ Increase individual and collective motivation and performance

√ Ensure reliable follow-up throughout the journey (recruitment, talent management, talent development, performance management, reorientation) 

√ Improve the employer brand and retention


Our portfolio of solutions allows us to support our customers across the entire value chain by relying on recognized and experienced experts in HR/ Talent Management in and outside the Sports and Entertainment industries.



Our experts in "Executive Coaching, Team Coaching and Top Athlete Coaching ".


Our experts (cf. bio Kris Perquy and Fabrice Gatti) now have more than twenty years of experience in the field of Assessment, Executive Coaching and Talent Management Consulting acquired in the Sports industry (with federations, clubs or even sports brands) but also in other sectors.

This allows them both to understand the specificities of our industry but also to make use of the best practices of other sectors. They worked both on Business/ Corporate issues and on Sport/ Performance issues which offer an incredible asset to our existing (clubs, federations, sports associations, etc.) and potential new customers.

They have solid references and a great ability to adapt. They have worked for major international groups, public organizations or medium/small businesses, they know how to understand different environments. Finally, they are international and multilingual profiles capable of intervening throughout the EMEA region, which is perfectly in line with our philosophy and our international headhunting activity.


Our experts in "Executive Coaching, Assessment & Talent Management" 

Our experts  
Kris Perquy


Fabrice Gatti

Executive Coaching, Assessment 

& Talent Management Consulting

Their references

In the Sports industry






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In other business sectors


























Executive Coaching and Top Athlete Coaching

Our experts Kris Perquy and Fabrice Gatti, benefit from solid references and more than fifteen years of experience in Executive Coaching, Assessment and Talent Management Consulting in and outside the sports industry.They work with our customers:  


In Executive Coaching for: 

√ Companies Executive, Top/Senior management profiles or entire teams (Team Coaching),  within medium and small businesses, large international groups (multinationals) or public organizations (federations, governing bodies etc.) in the world of Sport and Entertainment.


In Top Athlete Coaching for 

√ Athletes or High-Level Coaches, professional clubs and Sports Associations (in all sports) to help them in their mental preparations to enable them to excel in their sports.


Our experts assist in  : 


√ Recruitments we are managing for our clients: which requires the establishment of a personalized development program for the selected candidate, to allow him/her to develop certain skills that help them to perform at the highest levels.

 Our Talent Management consulting assignments: once our expert has made a diagnosis of our client’s context and key challenges, he can offer them solutions in Executive Coaching as well as personalized support to develop the skills of one or more of their talents or leaders.


Regular challenges managed by our Executive Coaches : 


  • For our "Executive Coaching" solution and for managers and talents in companies :executive coaching

 How do you develop leadership in your leaders or managers?
√ How to develop a culture of high performance within your company?
√ How to manage your teams effectively?
√ How to help your leaders in decision-making?
√ How to manage your career or those of your teams?
√ How to build resilience in your leaders?
√ How to understand the change in the context of a takeover or transition management? 



  • For our "Top Athlete Coaching" solution and for High-Level Athletes, Coaches, Performance Directors etc: top athlete coaching

√ How to prepare mentally for a big competition?

√ How to manage the pressure? and learn to overcome fears?

 √ How to help high-level sports coaches build resilience and maximize their chances of success.

√ What is the best possible configuration to put in place to allow each talent as well as the team to obtain better performances etc. 

√  How to detect individual and collective talent ?

√ How to implement a training policy incorporating the notion of “Talent”?


Their expertise of our coaches is recognized and appreciated by many major players in the world of Sport and beyond and we want to put these skills at your disposal to solve your various problems relative to the management of your talents.



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