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Executive Search Services

The Retained Executive Search is the most effective solution to identify, approach, attract and recruit the best talents in the market.

Through our Executive Search solution , we offer our clients to look after all the stages of their recruitment process from the first briefing to the integration and the follow up of the candidate in their organisation. During our first discussion with a client, we pay attention to understand the specificities of its company culture, its work environnement but also the particular challenges and responsabilities related to the job vacancy .  We are able afterwards to perfectly identify its recruitment needs and its specific expectations in order to define immediately after, the technical skills plus the personnality he is looking for to find the candidate able to manage the mission and fit its work environment. 

If you decide to collaborate with us, you will work with a sport industry specialist (with a solid trackrecord of successfull recruitment in the sport industry) who will lead for you in-depth and targeted researches to identify and approach active but also passive candidates on the market on a national and international level. This solution will not only make you save time but it will also make you optimize your chance to recruit the profile who will succeed in this position. The candidates we will recommand you will fit also your values ​​and your corporate culture and the candidate hired will be able then to plan a long career in your company.



We offer you our expertise to recruit your future talent relying on our:

  • InDepth knowledge of the sport industry in Europe,
  • Wide network of professionals in the sector,
  • Solid comprehension of your business and its jobs specificities,
  • Partnerships and our exposure on a national and international level.

We will lead for you a confidential search on the market and will deliver you a Talent Mapping document that will give you an overview of the interesting profiles on the market plus a Short-list of candidates we will recommand you for your job vacancy.

After that, you will only have to select your ideal candidate and we will work by your sides to help you to integrate him or her into his/her new environment to guarantee the success of the recruitment. Moreover, a replacement warranty with no additional fee will be offered in case of cancellation or non-success of the mission to ensure your satisfaction.

Contigent Recruitment Services

In order to meet our varied clients requirements, we are also able to offer Contingent Recruitment solutions because we understand the Executive Search solution is not always appropriate nor necessary


Actually, through our registration form system and our large and growing community following us on our social medias , we have attracted a high number of active and qualified candidates within the sports and other related industries. Therefore, once one of our client has a recruitment need and choose our contingent recruitment solution, we activate our database and our social medias communities to attract these active profiles, and once we have finished the selection of candidates for its job vacancy , we introduce him a short list of qualified candidates in relation to its needs. 

This solution, usually more adapted to Junior to Mid level positions,  allows us to be very reactive and capable to quickly introduce interesting active candidates on the market on a wide range of roles in the Sport Industry in Europe. Our Contingent recruitment solution is then a cost effective way to receive a relevant short list of candidates for the recruitment of more junior to mid-management profiles. 


Outplacement Services

Beyond our Executive Search and recruitment solutions, we also offer HR consulting services halfway between outplacement and recruitment advisory. We are actually recruitment specialists  with more than 10 years of experience working for recruiting firm in many fields such as : Legal, RH, Sales, Product Management, Event, Marketing, Administration, Communication, Digital, Retail, Sponsoring etc...


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First of all, the experience we gained in recruitment firm thanks to its commercial part allows us to help your employees to work on their employability and develop their professional network to find their future job. Then, our International network in the Sport Industry in Europe allows us to put the candidates directly in contact with a large number of HR directors or operational managers once the targeting is made. To finish, the experience we gained thanks to the recruitment part allows us to understand the job market being aware of the specificities and making us able to support employees entrusted to us in adapting their applications to the targeted positions.


We offer a regular and tailor made outplacement service to all the employees we follow and we remain at their entire disposal either through a phone or a skype call for any questions related to their job research or for the preparation of their job interviews. In the other hand, we always keep our client informed of the progress made during the program after each face-to-face meeting with the employee thanks to a tracking table which describes the elements worked during the session in order to garantee the satisfaction of both our client and the candidate we follow. 


Coaching Services

At the same time as of our Recruitment and HR activities, we work with universities and business schools across all Europe when they offer courses in Sport Management. ( From Bachelors to MBA) 

Actually, through our knowledge of the sport business industry and of the labour market, coupled with our network of senior professionals, we think we can be useful schools to facilitate the integration and the adaptation of these new talents in the sport job market. 



We offer these students Coaching Sessions , going from simple lectures and seminars to the development of innovative modules, passing by the global management of these Sport Management programs, we put our expertise at their service and we take part to the training and the development of these students who will be the future talents of the sport industry.

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.


Interested to become a Part Time Teacher ?

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You have a significant experience in the Sport Business Industry and you could be interested in sharing it on a part time basis with the future talents in the Sport Business, please join us through our contact page and we'll contact you for any relevant position. Thanks for your trust. 

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