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Marketing Activation Specialist - Running

Industry : Sport Brands | Speciality : Marketing| Location : France| City : Annecy| Languages : English, French

General purpose: 

  • Based on brand priorities and in relationship with the brand experts, plan, create and deliver on time/on budget 1) seasonal campaign activation programs and 2) sport / category specific toolboxes per channel.
  • Coordinate external partners and agencies.


Main responsibilities area

  • Develop relevant and differentiated seasonal campaign activations
    • Benchmark competitors executions
    • Manage interface with creative agency
    • Execute HQ campaigns (e.g. contest, event, social media campaign…) during the season in collaboration with experts, providing the right content and assets
  • Oversees deliveries of yearly channel specific toolboxes (incl. B2C)
    • Lead assets list creation for all touch points and ensure planning, budget management and on-time delivery of the integrated marketing toolboxes
    • Be agile and answer short terms needs of B2C – retail & ecom (brief coming 3 to 6 months ahead of delivery)
    • Maintain a strong relationship with categories to develop relevant product specific assets (tech posters, product KV, beauty shots, training manuals…)
    • Provide meaningful update to GTM throughout the sell-in, sell-through and sell out process (BP2, pre-CB, CB, sell-out)
  • Coordinate marketing experts execution (in-store, digital, sports marketing, PR) to maximize 360° integration
    • Lead weekly sport meeting
    • Brief/update the team on the different evolutions of the campaigns / toolboxes
    • Review execution, ensure campaign/equity fit as well as initiative objective fit

--› Linked to above 3 responsibilities areas, be the ‘guardian’ of brand equity guidelines and look & feel consistency throughout materials (on all touch points)

  • Coordinate copywriting process with categories key PLM and support translation process
    • Brief BA on process, timing and tone of voice
    • Review quality of copy for hero products
    • Ensure work is delivered on time
  • Contribute to specific projects on demand
    • Projects will be briefed in the course of the year, pending needs/priorities


Qualifications / Skills Foreign languages :

  • Proficiency in English


Computer skills :

  • Command of Microsoft Office


Others :

  • Product and market knowledge, expertise in marketing and design, project leading


Transversal competences

  • Output orientation: Develop and manage operational results: set themselves ambitious targets, achieve them and know when to step back in order to improve the results. Be proactive, assert themselves when making decisions.
  • Sense of customer service: Understand and integrate the needs of internal/external clients, in order to respond adequately in line with the interest of the company.
  • Ability to work as a team member and to collaborate: Promote information sharing and team spirit, contribute to collective efficiency.
  • Ability to lead and/or support the change: Encourage, bring about and manage the change. Be able to question themselves and adjust their behavior and methods (if necessary) to achieve the expected results
  • Creativity and innovation: Explore, make new ideas come to life, striving ceaselessly to improve. Be creative in order to fall within innovation projects regardless of their level of responsibility
  • Professional commitment: Demonstrate passion and personal investment in order to develop our brands and products
  • Integrity and trust: Respect corporate values and the duty of confidentiality.


Specific transversal skills:

  • Strong project management skills (ability to lead and convince), creativity, innovation, summarization and analytical capabilities.
  • [1] SMART: Spécifique Mesurable Atteignable Réaliste Temporel (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Temporal)


Needed work experience

  • 3 to 5 years of professional experience in Marketing and communication.



  • 3 year degree course. Marketing specialty



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